Through 2019 the art world had its fair share of headline-making discoveries, incidents, and crimes. From a 12-year-old boy uncovering an ancient woolly mammoth tooth to the robbery of Maurizio Cattelan’s $5 million USD gold toilet at Blenheim Palace in England, there have been a number of interesting art-related moments this year that have stunned the masses.

The country’s largest public art installation.

Klaus Littmann has found a new use for the Wörthersee football stadium in Klagenfurt, Austria, with the artist turning the sports arena into a lush, evergreen forest that will mark the country’s largest public art installation. Titled FOR FOREST, the work is inspired by architect Max Peintner’s drawing, The Unending Attraction of Nature, and consists of around 300 trees that seek to “challenge our perception of nature and question its future.”

Littmann also aims to highlight the importance of nature to everyday life and poses the point that it may someday only be accessible through highly controlled spaces. Enea Landscape Architecture is helping to install FOR FOREST, which will be carefully placed directly on top of the football pitch. Once the viewing period for the installation wraps up, the trees will then be replanted on a site near the stadium in order to serve as a “forest sculpture.” By Nia Groce

Arts /Dec 12, 2019 / By Keith Estiler,

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