“Between the Trees” brings together different aspects and conveys an awareness of the essential importance of trees as a form of life and for life on earth, using a total of 19 positions by international designers and artists as examples.

The selected projects and works present the tree as a material, functional and aesthetically form-giving inspiration. Considered are positions from the fields of conceptual design, industrial design, arts and crafts, and liberal arts. Thematically, the projects address issues of climate change, material use, bionics, domestication of nature, and urban planning.

Artists/Works: Andreas Greiner: Exit Strategy, 2022 / Anna Koppmann: Frischholz, 2021 / Atelier NL: Wildhout – Village, 2019 / Dan Hoopert: Audio Synthesis: What Does a Tree Sound Like?, 2022 / ecoLogicStudio: HORTUS ZKM SuperTree, 2018 / Ellen Bornkessel: Embassy of Trees, 2018/2023 / FormaFantasma: BEKVÄM, 2020 und Quercus, 2020 / Lanius: Sneaker, 2023 / Giuseppe Licari, Politics of Care, 2022 / Jasper Morrison: Cork Family, 2004 und Corks, 2019 / Johanna Seelemann: Oase, 2023 / Klára Šumová: k.A., 2023 / Klaus Littmann: FOR FOREST – The Unending Attraction of Nature, 2019 / Konstantin Grcic: Medici, 2013 / Melissa Acker: LEAFovers, 2022 / Pierre Ramaekers: E411 Serie, 2021 / Raumlabor Berlin: House of Time – Baumhaus, 2018 / Robert Voit: New Trees, seit 2003 / Solar Visuals: Solarpaneele Maple Leafs, 2018/2023


more about "FOR FOREST – The Unending Attraction of Nature", a temporary Art Intervention by Klaus Littmann. 2019