Klaus Littmann grew up in Basel. After studying art at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, where he was strongly influenced by Professor Joseph Beuys, he established himself as an international freelance mediator of contemporary art.
He first made his name as an initiator and organizer of individual and group exhibitions, before turning his attention on the planning and realization of themeoriented art exhibitions and art interventions in the public arena. Underlying each of his complex, spectacular projects is a two-prongedapproach that highlights the artist’s preoccupation with everyday culture and the confrontation between contemporary art and urban spaces as they have developed over time.
Characteristics and determinants of quality in Littmann’s work as mediator are the network of contacts among internationally known artists that he has built up over the past quarter century and his ability to spot talent and untapped creativity. As a result, his projects – Littmanns Kulturprojekte – now generate a tremendous media echo and a great deal of public interest.
In 2002 Klaus Littmann received the Kulturpreis der Stadt Basel. The 80 art projects realized by Klaus Littmann at home and abroad are documented in catalogues and books.