⁠The tree as a work of art and representative of the forest is the centre of the walk-in art intervention in the middle of Basel’s Münsterplatz. It is not a question of mere beauty and strength, but rather of whether it can be integrated into the Basel tree population and whether its species is capable of long-term adaptation to the changed conditions caused by global warming. The stress-resistant ironwood tree – the Parrotia Persica – qualifies as the perfect protagonist. It tolerates the urban climate particularly well and is also well prepared for the effects of climate change. The surrounding stand is modelled on the annual rings that archive the gradual unfolding of each tree inside the trunk. The unevenness of tree bark was the inspiration for the outer contour. ⁠⁠

Information on Programme/Guided Tours

ARENA FOR A TREE | 28.04. – 24.05.2021 | A walk-in art intervention | Münsterplatz, Basel | daily 11am-8pm | free entry ⁠⁠#arenaforatree

TREE CONNECTIONS | 11.05. – 11.07.2021 | Exhibition space of KBH.G | Spitalstrasse 18, Basel | daily 11am-6pm, except Tuesdays | free entry ⁠⁠#treeconnections

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