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For 20 years we have been witnessing the phenomenon of a minority of European football stadiums being used as platforms for violent and discriminatory acts. Even though there can be no doubt – bearing in mind the millions of people who enjoy football peacefully – that it is clearly a minority that causes these disturbances, the discord and the damage they cause to society are too significant to be ignored.

Littmann Kulturprojekte Basel is seeking to address this problem through the exhibition “Kultort Stadion” (“The Stadium: A Cult Venue”), depicting the problems, mechanisms and dynamics of such excesses in an unusual way and in surprising contexts, and opening the matter for discussion. Visitors to the “Kultort Stadion” exhibition will be able to see and feel the balancing act between gripping emotion and unleashed aggression that characterizes modern football.

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The Stadium: A Cult Venue

The Stadium: A Cult Venue

Michael Bahnerth, Josef Zindel, Paul van Gageldonk, Wiglaf Droste, Prof. Dr. Gunter A. Pilz, Klaus Theweleit, Philippe Dubath, Roland Sauskat, Claudia Wilhelm

Time of publication: 2004
101 Pages, Hardcover
CHF 28.00, € 19.10
ISBN: 978-3-7245-1351-3