The works of over 20 contemporary artists are embellishing a park in the western part of Basel with a new form of expression and an unexpected visual language. The temporary art intervention SKULTUR II complements, transforms, expands, enhances and enriches the public park with these sculptures.
But there is nothing static about the multifaceted sculptural landscape. On the contrary, the strategy of selecting temporary, installation-type works and applying a broad definition of sculpture lend it a dynamic character. The aim is to create a temporary world of experiences specific to a particular space, a world with a narrative energy that constantly recreates and redefines itself and is rooted in the symbiosis of art and nature. The juxtaposition of natural parkland and sculpture generates a succession of tangible contradictions and surface tensions in ways that are both aesthetic and playful. It creates a public space that enriches those who visit and experience it.

Sculptures permanently on display throughout the exhibition p. Johannes Brus (DE), Renate Buser (CH), César (FR), Eduardo Chillida (ESP), Martin Disler  (CH), Keith Haring (USA), Hanspeter Hofmann (CH), Sui Jianguo (CHN),  Per Kirkeby (DNK), Andreas Kopp (DE), Bernhard Luginbühl (CH), Markus Lüpertz (DE), C.O. Paeffgen (DE), Thom Puckey (GBR) Temporary installations and interventions p. Anonymus ( ), Michel Blazy (FR), Mathias Braschler&Monika Fischer (CH), Department für öffentliche Erscheinungen (DE), Brad Downey (USA), Marlene Hausegger (AUT), Vincent Lamouroux (FR), Yoko Ono (JPN), Michael Vessa (USA), Erwin Wurm (AUT)

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