DU 911
Excerpt December 2021/January 2022 issue

Klaus Littmann
Unconditionally for art

With text contributions and statements by Christoph Marthaler, Lorenzo Rudolf, Andreas Spillmann, Hedy Graber, Dominik Müller, Edek Bartz, Andreas Kopp, Peter Rothenbühler.

Hans-Peter Platz
The Gesamtkunstwerker
Basel, Schwitters, Beuys – the career of Klaus Littmann is full of formative stations and figures. But in the end he always went his way alone. Against all odds and prejudices.

Beat Jans
Art for everyone! Art for the city!
The president of the Basel government, Beat Jans, pays tribute to Klaus Littmann’s intrepid commitment to art as a social event. And calls on young people to do the same.

Isabel Zürcher
Carte blanche or: Klaus Littmann’s confidence (in himself)
Action and Inclusion. Klaus Littmann’s works offer a stage to the juxtaposition and coexistence of city, image, space and language. In order to create these in a suitable, i.e. large dimension, one must be convinced of one’s own ability and that of the respective collaborators.

Guido Magnaguagno
Loved and excluded
Unconcerned and different from the others. Klaus Littmann always had a special position in the Basel cultural scene.

Raphael Suter
The inconceivable
Klaus Littmann’s work is so varied and manifold that it is difficult to reduce it to a common denominator. Only one thing is certain: he always stands up for artists and art itself. And unconditionally.

Michael Bahnerth
The Heights of the Underground
A temporary paradise on a drunken ship and in oases beyond space and time. Memories of Bimbo Town and Littmann’s temporary uses.

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