“From Beuys to Eternity”

Who was Joseph Beuys? And how did he influence the lives and art of others around him? These are the questions that the project “From Beuys to Eternity”, initiated by Ivana Smudja and Ellen Kocken, wants to explore. For their interactive video installation, the filmmakers let people speak who met Beuys personally, worked with him or were inspired by him. The first film portraits are the visual artists Louwrien Wijers, Leonard Passchier and Klaus Littmann.

In short interviews, they talk about their encounter with Beuys and his themes that are most important to them: Nature, politics, art, shamanism, spirituality, inspiration, humanity, and in this way draw a portrait of one of the most revolutionary artistic personalities of the 20th century that grows over the project period of several years. The project itself can be understood as a kind of “social sculpture” in the Beuyian sense. The interactive film project is presented online and in various museums – currently in the Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen for the exhibition “Save the Forest!” and in the Lehmbruck Museum in Duisburg in the exhibition "Everything is Sculpture“.

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Klaus Littmann 2 last from Littmann Kulturprojekte on Vimeo.

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