Involved Artists:

Robert Rauschenberg (US), Daniele Buetti (IT), Franz Burkhardt (DE), Jochen Gerz (DE), Xia Zheng (CN), Atelier van Lieshout (NL), Damien Deroubaix (FR), Mark Titchner (UK), Isabel Muñoz (ES), Ben Vautier (IT)

The Project

MOVE FOR LIFE is an art-action which takes place in public; its fields of action are streets, squares and factory halls. MOVE FOR LIFE leaves the sites originally reserved for art, such as museums, galleries and art halls and is present where people live and work. MOVE FOR LIFE actuates – on trucks, transporters, on  the European road network. MOVE FOR LIFE is a socio-political action one has never seen before. MOVE FOR LIFE presents emotional and touching pictures.

Trucks are a brilliant medium for the spreading of messages created by MOVE FOR LIFE. Trade associations estimate that a truck covers a distance of 250’000 kilometres a year throughout the European road network, thus provoking around 25 million eye-contacts. MOVE FOR LIFE makes use of the exterior of the trucks to present the messages in terms of so-called “Monumental Statements”. The truck becomes a culture-truck, an art-object on wheels.

Famous international artists design these “Monumental Statements” against poverty, violence, Aids, racism and environmental destruction. Trucks designed by Robert Rauschenberg, Jochen Gertz and Studio Van Lieshout are already on the road.

(Project in progress)