Involved Artists:

Yue Minjun (CN), Robert Rauschenberg (US), Daniele Buetti (IT), Ben Vautier (IT), Lu Hao (CN), Guerrilla Girls (US), Christian Boltanski (FR), Anonymous (), Hanspeter Hofmann (CH), Peti Brunner (CH), Franz Burkhardt (DE), Jochen Gerz (DE), Beat Keusch (CH)

The Project

“Public Viewing” is an artistic intervention in every day’s culture within public rooms. Suddenly and unexpectedly, signs on rods are displayed by individuals or a group of people, whose motivation – or in fact whose manifestation – reflect on people’s every day life, in a poetic but also embarrassing way. “Public Viewing” interacts with the surrounding area, creates new contexts and questions the implicitness of the perception. “Public Viewing” is a temporary intervention into the world of the apparently confidant, acting as a socio-cultural, artistic or political intervention.

“Public Viewing” penetrates the public room which is dominated by any promotional aesthetics through its form of communication and thus also penetrates the ruling monopoly on images related to promotional messages. “Public Viewing” rewrites the language of images as an interjection for the moment of intervention and, thus permits the individual to reform its positioning.
“Public Viewing” explores the border between art and every day life – it analyses, activates and comments. “Public Viewing” is not a demonstration for or against something but an invitation to question.

These events are being vitalised by famous international artists, such as Robert Rauschenberg, Ben Vautier, Isabel Munoz, Daniele Buetti, Christian Boltanski, Jochen Gerz und the Guerilla Girls.

(Project in progress)