Artistas Participantes:

Christo and Jeanne Claude (BG/MA)

El Proyecto

This exhibition presents one integral aspect of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s oeuvre, the print, photographs and object editions. Extremely varied in both content and technique, it evinces all of the approaches and procedures used in their large projects: wrapping surrounding – a silent obscuring of elements in the environment that temporarily deprives them of utility.

The objects and prints are enormously diverse, as are the techniques and media employed. Yet rather than reflecting a concern for graphic innovation, this diversity arises directly from the process of planning, developing, and realizing the projects. The activity of drawing and collage is a preparatory one with Christo. The design he makes at this phase anticipate realization, representing imaginative projections of something that must first come to being. Yet they are not merely beautiful visions. On closer examination, we notice that these drawings, like architectural renderings or engineering sketches, contain much information about technical details. This sets them apart from utopian designs. In preparing a project Christo makes sketches and pastes in the actual materials Christo and Jeanne-Claude plan to employ. Christo makes frequent use of topographic photographs, adding elements of drawing and collage, using the photograph as a background for his draftsmanship.