The 2023 edition of Time Space Existence will draw attention to the emerging expressions of sustainability in its numerous forms, ranging from a focus on the environment and urban landscape to the unfolding conversations on innovation, reuse and community. In response to climate change, exhibited projects will investigate new technologies and construction methods that reduce energy consumption through circular design and develop innovative, organic and recycled building materials.

Participants will also address social justice by presenting living solutions envisioned for displaced communities and minorities, while others will examine the tensions between the built urban environment and the nature surrounding it, identifying opportunities for coexistence.

Organised by ECC Italy, the exhibition will feature an international and eclectic group of architects, designers, artists, academics, and photographers. As of May 2023, they will gather in Venice to explore our relationship with space and time through different mediums and from diverse perspectives. The combination of expertise and background will lead to an exhibition that aims to re-envision new ways of living and rethink architecture in today’s context. Time Space Existence not only aims to be a display but also a living workshop where established and emerging practitioners can work together and present their own visions on the status of architecture and the built environment nowadays. By bringing together ideas from across the world, the exhibition presents itself as a platform for exchange and experimentation, and strives to stimulate an engaging dialogue that is inclusive of all voices.

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