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Current Projects

"FOR FOREST – The Unending Attraction of Nature", a temporary Art Intervention by Klaus Littmann. 2019

translation not available – JARDIN DES PLANETES, Basel 2018

translation not available – PARIS SANS FIN - Lithographies originale
 de Alberto Giacometti
, 2018 bis 2019

translation not available – CENTRAL STATION, Basel 2016 bis Ende 2018

Real Fiction Cinema, Switzerland 2010-2012 / China 2015-2016


Canal Street, Arlesheim / Basel 2015

Skultur II. Basel 2013

CHINESE – AMERICAN Photo portraits by Mathias Braschler and Monika Fischer. Basel, 2011

Move for Life, Lyon 2011

Do It Yourself Art. Madrid 2011

CHAMBER MUSIC A temporary Cabinet of Art and Curiosities by Littmann Kulturprojekte

Alexander Rodtchenko, Photographer. Basel 2010

Chinetik, Museum Tinguely, Basel 2009

Citysky, Basel 2008

Faces of Football. Vigo (Spain) 2008

Public Viewing, Shanghai 2007