The stress-resistant ironwood tree – the Parrotia Persica – was the center of the walk-in art intervention ARENA FOR A TREE by Klaus Littmann in the middle of Basel’s Münsterplatz (April to June 2021). Now the tree has been given its definitive location and will take root in the St. Albantor-Anlage. It tolerates the city climate particularly well and is also well prepared for the effects of climate change.

Yesterday, the inauguration of the freshly renovated St. Albantor-Anlage in Basel took place. In this context, the Parrotia Persica was handed over to the city as a donation from the Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger. In a symbolic act, the tree was planted in the middle of the St. Albantor-Anlage by Government Councillor Esther Keller, City Gardening Director Emanuel Trueb, artist Klaus Littmann and Raphael Suter, Director of the Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger.

I would like to thank Government Councillor Esther Keller and the Stadtgärtnerei Basel for their promise to care for the ironwood tree, and the Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger for making possible the ongoing art intervention ARENA FOR A TREE, which will move on next year after its premiere in Basel and an appearance in the courtyard of the Landesmuseum Zurich (March to June 2022). Stay tuned!

Photos : (1+3) Dominik Plüss, (8+9) Gerhard Maurer

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